VIP Tracker - Buy GPS Tracking Online for People, Pets & Possessions

We are the alternative to expensive GPS Tracking, just the thing you have been looking for.

Say goodbye to monthly and yearly tracking fees - they're a thing of the past. With VIP Tracker you are in control and you do the tracking.

VIP stands for: Very Important Person, Very Important Pet and Very Important Possession, so there is a VIP Tracker for everyone.

VIP Trackers are easy to use, simply insert a SIM card from any telecommunications company and you can track on your smart phone, ipad, computer on google map or our real time tracking platform.

There are many uses for VIP Trackers:

Your Loved-ones & VIPs

  • The elderly
  • Children
  • Women on a night out
  • Dementia sufferers
  • Lone workers
  • Hikers, adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts
  • Fishermen

Your Pets

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Your Possessions

  • Expensive car
  • Boat
  • Motor bike
  • Caravan
  • Tradies Trailer
  • Construction Equipment


Wholesale enquires welcome.