All VIP Trackers are supplied with a FREE CMobile SIM card, simply phone CMobile on 1300 545 000 to activate it. After it is activated you can log into to check your usage etc. 

CMobile rates are the best we have found and we have now introduced a new $5/month Vodafone C Red VIP Tracker Plan with 100MB data and 10c/text. If you are needing more data there is we the $9.90/month plan with 250MB data included and 15c/call minute, 15c/text and both plans have no lock in contracts. The VIP3010 GPS Tracker can also operate on the Telstra network and CMobile have a great plan for us at only $12/month  with 500MB data, 15c/text and 15c/call minute, there is 100 texts included, so when purchasing the VIP3010 click on which SIM Card you would like provided.

You can easily check the coverage of your area by going to click on 'CMobile Plans' and 'Coverage' then type 3G in device box and your address.

When setting up your VIP Tracker you may need the Access Point Name (APN) for Vodafone is:
                                                                                              Access Point Name (APN) for Telstra is:

The VIP Advantage & About GPS

VIP Tracker’s product range utilizes GPS signals and can advise the location of the tracker on a smart phone app, via Google Maps on your smart phone or on the tracking platform. 

VIP Tracker have  GPS trackers for the elderly, children, lone workers, women on a night out, your beloved pets and valuable possessions. Basically anything you need tracked, VIP Tracker can do it.

VIP Trackers will work where there are mobile phone and satellite signals. They use the two systems to determine the location. The satellite GPS signal is accurate, the phone signal network uses the mobile phone towers to triangulate the position, this is not as accurate. 

There are many conditions that influence the performance of a GPS Tracker. The number of satellites visible - the more satellite signals a GPS Tracker can receive, the better the accuracy. Terrain, buildings, electrical interference etc can block the signal causing errors in position or possibly no position at all. GPS Trackers are therefore less accurate indoors. VIP Tracker cannot guarantee the performance or accuracy of the signal reception.

The VIP3010 has the ability to disable the fuel or ignition system, VIPTracker DO NOT  recommend this while the vehicle may be in motion. We strongly recommend  disabling the starter motor so the next time the vehicle is stationary and being attempted to start the starter motor will not operate. 

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